Everyone should try it.

The giddy anticipation of stepping onto an airplane. Breaking out of the same boring routine. Having unique experiences that’ll stick with you forever. These are the reasons why I love traveling.

Solo traveling boosts the awesome aspects of travel into hyperdrive, giving you added benefits that traveling with a partner…

Please don’t make the same dumb mistakes.

Throughout my entire 20’s, I was stupid with money.

Being financially illiterate, I didn’t understand the concept of living below my means. I was thousands of dollars in credit card debt, had exactly $0 in savings, and contributed nothing toward retirement.

How do you not be an idiot with money…

Aren’t long-distance relationships the absolute worst?

What do anchovies on pizza, any Michael Bay movie, and long-distance relationships all have in common? They all suck ass, and dating long-distance is by far the shittiest of them all.

I’ve endured three long-distance relationships in my life. Two ended in breakups and the other, thankfully, turned out to…

Shane Adversalo

Master of none.

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