How to go viral on YouTube.

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I made my first viral video: “7 Things to Avoid on Oahu | Don’t Make These Hawaii Travel Mistakes”.

Considering the size of my YouTube channel at less than 4,000 subscribers, a video with 284,556 views, earning $1,139.14 in ad revenue, has been my best-performing video by far.

Everyone should try it.

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The giddy anticipation of stepping onto an airplane. Breaking out of the same boring routine. Having unique experiences that’ll stick with you forever. These are the reasons why I love traveling.

Solo traveling boosts the awesome aspects of travel into hyperdrive, giving you added benefits that traveling with a partner couldn’t provide. I’ve traveled solo myself, exploring various parts of China, as well as Cambodia and Laos. And though I’ve only taken trips with my fiancé in the past few years, I do miss the freedom of traveling alone (shhh…don’t tell her).

If you’re on the fence about traveling solo…

Let’s chat, shall we?

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Who doesn’t cringe when looking back on their 20-year-old self? I know I do.

I’m 33-years-old now. I’ve lived on this earth long enough to have seen some shit. You could fill an entire encyclopedia with the things I wish I’d done differently.

I don’t live with many regrets, however. The way I see it, my past idiotic mistakes were part of life’s growing pains. I went through them to be better.

But, if I could hypothetically sit the 20-year-old me on a comfy chair and give him life advice, here’s what I’d say…

#1. You don’t know anything

You think you know what you’ll…

Please don’t make the same dumb mistakes.

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Throughout my entire 20’s, I was stupid with money.

Being financially illiterate, I didn’t understand the concept of living below my means. I was thousands of dollars in credit card debt, had exactly $0 in savings, and contributed nothing toward retirement.

How do you not be an idiot with money like I was? It’s simple: Spend less than you make.

I made countless dumb purchases in my 20’s, but there are four in particular that I regret:

  • New car
  • Travel
  • Camera gear
  • Eating out

Please use my poor financial decisions as a cautionary tale. I’ve learned some hard lessons about…

Aren’t long-distance relationships the absolute worst?

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What do anchovies on pizza, any Michael Bay movie, and long-distance relationships all have in common? They all suck ass, and dating long-distance is by far the shittiest of them all.

I’ve endured three long-distance relationships in my life. Two ended in breakups and the other, thankfully, turned out to be my fiancé. I’m no expert on relationships. I’ve just been through the emotional rollercoaster of trying to make a long-distance relationship work.

SPOILER: It’s never easy.

There are no unicorns and rainbows when you’re miles apart from the person you care about the most. According to a study, roughly…

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist.

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Have spare time and looking to make extra side money? Well, working as a delivery driver is a solid option these days. It’s a gig with little to no barrier of entry, and anybody with half a brain can be successful at it.

I’ve been a full-time food delivery driver for a couple of years. Between doing Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub, I’ve completed well over 10,000 deliveries. I know the ins and outs of these services and want to share my knowledge with you so you hit the ground running.

Before we dive into the tips and tricks with…

Look at your crummy situation as a glass half full.

Never trust a person who hasn’t worked a crap job in their life.

I hate my job.”

If you feel this way, you’re not alone. According to a Gallup survey, having a miserable job is a common sentiment roughly two-thirds of the global population share.

I’ve been at multiple jobs that were soul-crushing. In my twenties, I had a job in retail, worked at a rental car company, and in a cubicle doing mindless data entry. I was a terrible employee and knew early on the 9 to 5 rat race wasn’t for me.

I’ve been my own boss for the past few…

I was an idiot.

I had no clue how to manage my finances.

$20,000+ in credit card debt. This was my financial situation in a nutshell in my 20’s. Being knee-deep in debt wasn’t an overnight thing. It also wasn’t a result of a single mistake. My money problems were due to many poor financial decisions compounded over a few years.

Here are the money mistakes I made in my 20's:

  • Financially illiterate
  • Living above my means
  • No emergency savings
  • Not saving for retirement

My hope is you don’t have to learn the same hard lessons about money as I did. I’m in my early 30’s now. After a lot of self-reflection, self-discipline…

I made these mistakes, so you don’t have to.

A YouTuber setting up her camera.

Ask any Gen Z’er, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Roughly one-third would say they want to be YouTubers. Who can blame them? The meteoric rise of YouTube has given creators a platform to share their ideas, garner an enormous celebrity-like following, and make a shit-ton of money while doing it.

In essence, you don’t need a formal education to be the next YouTube star like a PewdiePie, MrBeast, or Casey Neistat. The low barrier of entry and lure of being YouTube-famous was why I started my channel in 2015.

My main YouTuber inspiration was Casey…

Please don’t make these same Hawaii travel mistakes.

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You booked that plane ticket and have your bags packed for Hawaii. Hawaii is synonymous with paradise. Most people save up an entire lifetime to experience everything the island has to offer. And holy shit, you’re finally doing it!

Now, I was born, raised, and have lived here on Oahu for most of my life. If you’re visiting the islands for the first time, I want you to make the most of your time here. Please don’t squander your precious vacation by making the same mistakes I see countless tourists make over and over again.

That’s why I put together…

Shane Adversalo

Master of none.

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